Malta - The Shoreline

370 Luxury Apartments & Penthouses

Benefitting from its unique seafront location overlooking the crystal clear, azure Mediterranean Sea, The Shoreline offers an unparalleled mix of luxury accommodation, superb views and community amenities right outside your door. Located in a safe and access-controlled environment, literally a stone’s throw from the seafront, The Shoreline adopts a philosophy of luxury living and convenience where every daily need is easily accessible. The Shoreline gives all its residents optimum comfort and accessibility.

Starting price €245,000


The Location

The Shoreline represents a state-of-the-art, multi-million Euro development initiative, featuring high-end residential apartments and luxury retail establishments. Nestled within the vibrant Smart City district in Kalkara, Malta, this impressive project encompasses a sprawling 14,000 square meters of prime real estate. The Shoreline boasts a harmonious blend of 370 exquisite residential units and a sprawling 25,000-square-meter, two-level shopping mall, positioned right at the water’s edge.

Situated in close proximity to Kalkara, a charming coastal town located just 1.5 kilometers to the south of Malta’s capital city, Valletta, The Shoreline enjoys a picturesque setting along the captivating shoreline that stretches from Xghajra to the Grand Harbor in Valletta. This development offers a secure, car-free environment with abundant open spaces for outdoor leisure and recreational activities. Remarkably, it’s only a short 10-minute drive from Malta International Airport, ensuring convenient access.

Notably, The Shoreline is surrounded by the rich historical heritage of the Three Cities, renowned for their marina facilities capable of accommodating superyachts and their deep-rooted cultural and historical significance.

Smart City

The Shoreline stands as a fresh addition within an established masterplan sanctioned by the Maltese Government Authorities in Smart City. It is set to elevate the region, transitioning it from a solely ICT-focused zone into a well-balanced amalgamation of corporate offices, residential quarters, and vibrant retail destinations. The Shoreline epitomizes a tranquil way of life in this emerging section of Malta, offering proximity to Valletta, the Three Cities, and the airport.

Smart City holds the prestigious distinction of being a Specially Designated Area, making it an attractive prospect for foreign investors seeking ownership of apartments at The Shoreline.

The Shoreline Experience

Being a part of The Shoreline community comes with numerous advantages, including access to amenities like restaurants, shopping centers, and underground parking, which are open to the public. However, for residents, there are even more remarkable benefits. They are poised to enjoy the close proximity to the open sea and relish breathtaking shoreline strolls within a completely car-free, pedestrian-friendly environment.

Moreover, the project is centered around a man-made lagoon, and every apartment enjoys access to this tranquil feature. Additionally, a secluded residential area is provided where residents can leisurely stroll while savoring the stunning sea views. This area is securely gated, promoting a sense of serenity and safety, thereby allowing for peace of mind and ultimate relaxation.

The Communal Plaza

No comprehensive development is truly fulfilled without the presence of a plaza, and The Shoreline’s Communal Plaza is genuinely exceptional. This plaza features a unique glass structure that bathes the central atrium, located at the core of the Mall on both levels, in natural light. The underlying shopping center offers the latest in fashion outlets and a food center to cater to your daily needs, making the plaza the perfect setting to soak in the sunshine and relish the ambiance.

For the younger residents, the paved area offers the opportunity for bike rides and friendly games of football, all under the watchful eye of parents and fellow residents. The communal spirit of The Shoreline is further emphasized through shared spaces like the Plaza, where unobstructed views and fresh air envelop the surroundings.


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